Venus Factor: Is This The Best Weight Loss Program For You?

There aren’t many diet and fitness systems out that is specific for women. The Venus Factor program changes all that. It is a complete fitness system which has a diet plan and complete workout regimen specifically developed for women. The Venus Factor system has captured the attention of females from around the globe because it truly works and has helped a lot of women lose weight and burn unwanted fat. This review will give you a basic idea of what the Venus Factor program can do and will also address most of your questions regarding this system.

Many women have expressed that they are dissatisfied with how their body look. Women, especially those who have undergone pregnancy have a more difficult and challenging time of losing weight. The body begins to feel soft and squishy once the woman has kids. Weight gain is especially fast during pregnancy making the woman carry more weight than they want to. Due to the hormonal change during pregnancy weight loss for women is frustrating. Other struggles when it comes to weight loss like exercising to lose weight is also unsuccessful. During the times that one does lose a few extra pounds the problem of maintaining the weight loss is present and how to keep the weight off is often a puzzle. One can lose ten, twenty, or thirty pounds most times but the real challenge lies in maintaining the ideal weight and keeping the extra weight off for good.

Just following popular exercise regimens and weight loss programs doesn’t seem to work for most women even though they stick with the plan and put in more effort. This is not anyone’s fault really as there is a very simple explanation for it. Most exercise regimens and diet plans are designed for men. Men and women’s bodies differ. Therefore, it only makes sense that what we do to exercise and target our problems areas would also be different. Women’s bodies evolved to bear children. Our bodies therefore store fat in most of our “problem” areas like the thighs, belly, butt, hips, and arms.

Why & How Does Venus Factor Work:

John has clearly stated a few differences between men and women in terms of their power of metabolism which have huge impact on weight gain and loss. Leptin, a very vital hormone plays a crucial role when it comes to metabolism, fat storage and fat burning. Though women have twice as much as Leptin producing power compared to men, due to their inclination to Leptin resistance it is extremely tough for women to lose weight than it is to men. Now rather than approaching to lessen amount of daily diet; Venus Factor system puts more importance in increasing Leptin efficacy which ultimately provides better metabolism environment and women start to lose weight even when they are not away from their favorite food that typical weight loss programs contradict with.

John succeeded to find out this little Leptin secret with the help of what he developed Venus Factor which later helped number of women including his sister to have their long imagined perfect measurements. The positive user feedback from most of those Venus Ladies deny any chances of failure of this system, I would rather say it right now in case you are skeptic about a weight loss program. In one word, Venus Factor is way better than anything else out there since it has huge reputation and that reputation definitely came after this system’s huge success, consequence of which has changed life of ladies all over the world. Moreover Venus Factor doesn’t just help to lose weight but it will show you the door to enter the bikini body ladies world and trust me it worked for thousands and it will work for you too.

What does Venus Factor consist of?

The Venus Factor consists of 4 basic components.

1) The Venus Factor Pdf Book

This is the main component of the Venus Factor System. This explains everything what you need to know and follow to get a perfect bikini body. Step by step description of workout plans and diet chart have been described on this book.

2) Scientific Workout Plan That Consists of 143 Premium Videos

May be you have tried little exercise to lose some weight at least once in your lifetime. The only thing you missed is most exercise plans out there don’t tell you the truth that is exercise for women are completely different from exercise for men because men and women aim for completely different body shapes even though weight loss is the primary focus. This Venus Factor Workout Plan will teach you the best exercises that are designed for women only. This includes 143 premium videos on most suitable exercise and also contain information on what kind of exercises you never should do. The interesting part is most exercises are very simple but unbelievably effective.

3) The Female Weight Loss Virtual Nutritionist System

The Virtual Nutritionist System will tell you exactly how to plan your diet for next 12 weeks so that you can get the most out of this package. This system is designed to help make every 10 pounds you lose look like 20 by burning fat from where you visually need to most.

4) Venus Immersion: The Online Community of Venus Ladies

This is the part of the program that makes it different than any other weight loss systems on the planet. You will be given access to an online community of all the Venus Ladies who have changed the way they look with the help of this awesome weight loss formula. Though everything John says is extremely easy to understand, it still would be a great chance to communicate with the ladies who have already got a bikini shape by following Venus Factor. You will be able to communicate with beginners like you and that is a great place of helping each other.

The Best stuffs I see in Venus Factor

Trusted, Tested And Scientifically Developed!

You are not the first women on this planet who is so worried about her weight loss. Countless women in the world everyday discover that they are getting fatty so fast. This complication even speeds up after you have your first baby. Venus Factor has helped already thousands of women from every corner of the world and not it is your turn. This system has been scientifically purified over time and practically unbeatable these days when it comes to female weight loss.

Specifically Designed for Women!

Venus Factor is a great program designed for female weight loss. Most typical weight loss programs out there will talk about losing weight by dieting and extremely painful exercises and unfortunately they are not designed to help specifically women. Do you think the kind of exercise that will help men shape their body will work well for women too? No, never! Because men need muscular body when women need simple and attractive slim body shape. That is where Venus Factor beats most of the weight loss programs since Venus Factor is designed Only for Women!

Money Back Guaranty!

The program offers a 60-day money back guaranty. After using this program if for any kind of reason you are not satisfied with the program, just get them know your mind and they will return your full money. However, I personally think you will love this system. And if you don’t just send and email to get your money back.

Different Than Any Other Programs In Terms of Working Strategy

The Venus Factor focuses on a strategy that most other typical weight loss programs don’t even know about. As explained before Leptin resistance is one of the biggest reasons for weight loss and as long as you are not dealing with this complication you are not on the right path. Venus Factor shows you the exact path to deal with your Leptin resistance and this is how Venus Factor is so awesome.

Venus Factor Is Not All about Dieting

As I have clearly mentioned before, most weight loss programs keep concentrating on dieting which probably could be a good way to lose weight. However, in most cases the reason why people fail to lose weight by dieting is they do completely avoid they metabolism issue. People keep dieting and at the end of the day they feel weak and that doesn’t help much in losing weight either. On the other hand Venus Factor program doesn’t put any extreme barrier between you and your favorite dishes. You will be amazed to know that you can still have your favorite foods while you are on the right track to lose weight with the help of Venus Factor.

Helps To Shape Your Body

Ever wanted to shape your body in the right way so that you look attractive and younger than your age? That is what Venus Factor is going to help you accomplish. This is not a typical weight loss program and it does teach you how to get a bikini body. All you have to do is keep following the instructions and to be honest those are pretty easy to follow since you do not have to go through an extreme dieting chart.

Perfect Program to Help You Understand Carbohydrate Consumption

Carbohydrate can be evil for women’s body shaping and Venus Factor will give you crystal clear guidelines on how to deal with carbohydrate consumption. This system will provide plenty of information to help you design the best food menu for you.

Teaches Simple Yet Effective Exercise That You Need Right Now

The premium videos will teach you how to reshape your body without working out for countless hours. Those exercise focuses on the part of your body where most of the fat is stored. Those exercise breaks down those fat while keeping remarkable balance between nutrition and energy.

Cons – The stuffs You Might Not Like

Want To Lose 10 Pounds In A Day? Venus Factor Is Not For You!

There are ladies out there who may be are looking forward to losing 10 pounds in a day which is in fact impossible. Sever diet programs will may be help you lose hug weight in the beginning but in the long run they will make your body horrible as a lot of them are not properly designed and you might end up getting a bad result. On the other hand Venus Factor is a 12 weeks program that doesn’t promise an overnight result and if you are looking for that kind of result then Venus Factor is not for you.

Does Not Suggest Extreme Dieting and Exercise

Dealing with Leptin resistance is the primary focus of Venus Factor which consequently releases you from weight gain burden. But it doesn’t need you to follow any severe exercise guidelines. If you are used to exercising 5-6 hours a day only to lose a couple of pounds then you might not find this program very attractive. This program however suggests very simple and effective work out plans to lose weight from specific body parts.

Results Could Be Different

Based on other body conditions you have results could be slightly different since every lady has her own specific body state. But in general you are supposed to have great result since numbers of other ladies have already accomplished their goal.

Conclusion of My Venus Factor Review

By sticking with the Venus Factor system you will soon see results in a few weeks’ time. It is time you shed the weight today and reveal that sexy and healthier you that’s been buried under fat for a long time. Weight loss is a battle but provided with the proper knowledge and information you can win against it and come out victorious! Stop just exercising and start exercising smartly. Purchase the Venus Factor system today.

Once you sign up you will find that the Venus Factor program is easy to start and easier to follow. The Venus Factor system is also very flexible which makes it perfect for today’s busy career woman and mother.

If you are still having second thoughts about this program just keep one thing in mind. This is an investment you will make for your health and overall well-being. May you have the energy to reach your goal and be able to get the weight and body that you want. Let the Venus Factor program help you starting today!