by Zemas Madhouse Foods
Feb 2017

Love is in the air this month. Valentine’s Day is still one of the most celebrated Hallmark days of the year, but for someone like me, it can be challenging for my loved ones to find that perfect gift filled with health and wellness with a touch of “unrefined” sweetness. I put together a list of fun, health-inspired gifts for us hard-to-shop-for folks who are obsessed with everything good for you!


Zemas products– Yes, let’s just start out with a bang and say that making your honey a stack of good for you gluten-free pancakes with nutrient packed ancient whole grains and super seeds is a great way to express your love and gratitude for someone, let alone a great way to start your day and boost your metabolism.  Head over to and start shopping!  



Dark Chocolate bar– We all know love and chocolate go hand in hand, but let’s amp up the nutritional love with healthy dark chocolate. If you’re used to eating milk chocolate, dark chocolate may take some getting used to but you will add in healthy antioxidants so go for it! Work yourself up to 70% cocoa.





Organic Red Wine

I love red wine but not with the added sulfites. Sulfites give us those nasty headaches, but if you buy organic with no added sulfites, you will still get your morning workout in with no problem. Yes, there are sulfites naturally occurring in all wine, but it’s the added amounts that keep us in bed too long the next morning.

Essential Oils– All the rage right now, but make sure you buy clean, non-gmo or organic oils. I love how each oil serves a different purpose or mood for oneself.



Couples Massage– No better way to spend an hour with each other. This is a great gift to show your loved one how much we appreciate them. No special someone in our life, go solo and love yourself!


Whether you’re celebrating yourself, your family or a loved one, enjoy your day with gratitude.