by Zemas Madhouse Foods
Jan 2016

The New Year brings opportunities to set new goals, recalibrate and make better healthy living choices. Living a healthy lifestyle is a common resolution for many, especially after indulging over the past few weeks. Where should you start? The gym, the kitchen, getting more sleep or giving up a bad habit? Tackling all of those could be daunting and will most likely set you up to fail. What steps can we take to start on a path of success?

newyearsresolutionMy suggestion is to start by looking at your diet. Many of us feel sluggish and exhausted simply because we’re not feeding our body what it needs. By making some simple adjustments to your diet, you can eliminate stress to your organs and fuel them efficiently to help them function at optimal levels. If possible, always start with a nutritionist or trip to your internist. Have your blood taken, see where your numbers are and have a healthy living plan that’s suited to your body.

Breakfast is crucial, but skipping it is like trying to drive your car with no gas. Jump start your digestive system and metabolism with a clean, detoxifying smoothie in the morning. Our smoothie isn’t extreme, won’t cause any harm and it’s clean, nutritious and delicious.

Other small adjustments you can make to detoxify include:

  1. Drinking more water every day.
  2. Trade coffee for herbal tea.
  3. Get more sleep since your organs are hard at work making repairs and growing new cells during this vital down time.
  4. Exercise daily to get your body moving and blood circulating. Sweating is an excellent way to eliminates toxins from your body.


Jill’s Detox Smoothiesmoothie-social

Servings: 1

1 c. coconut water (hydration)

1 lemon, juiced (alkalizing ingredient)

1 T. MCT oil (saturated fat that enhances brain function, boosts energy, boosts metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels)

1 organic apple, skin left on, cored and cut up into chunks (fiber and vitamin C)

1 T. chia seeds (protein, fiber, healthy omega’s)

1 c. frozen organic strawberries (anti-oxidants)

1 T. manuka honey or pure maple syrup(vegan) (great antibacterial properties)

½ avocado (healthy omega’s, brain function)


Place all ingredients into blender and mix until smooth.  Enjoy.