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The Healthy Gluten Free Pantry

by Jill Motew on March 19, 2012

What Does It Look Like?
When is the last time you really looked through your pantry? What did you find? A bunch of boxes with processed crackers, cookies, cereals and bars? How about some pancake mix in a plastic bottle ready to pour? Any canned fruit? Mixed nuts in a canister filled with unhealthy oils? Yeah, me too, as a child. It’s very easy to stock up those shelves with sugar laden, processed foods that really have nothing to do with real food when you read the labels. Whether you live in a gluten free or gluten full house, the pantries should be similar. We all should be eating healthier and that means cutting out the junk. The good news is that your pantry can be stocked with delicious real food products that kids and adults will enjoy together.

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No Sugar Blues Here

by Jill Motew on January 24, 2012

Sugar:  How to Shake the Habit
The holidays have past and what we have left behind are some extra, highly unwanted, pounds, less energy due to inflammation and winter weather and a craving for something sweet. What is this all about and how do we get on the right track again, without feeling deprived? Refined sugar is poison. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – you probably already knew. Whether living a gluten-free or gluten-full life, refined sugars show up in too many products, thus making their way back to our pantry. In this article, I will share with you basic information about refined sugar types and why they are so bad for all of us. I will then introduce you to healthier and cleaner unrefined sweeteners that will feel right at home in your kitchen.

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Gluten Free Ancient Grains and the Athlete

by Jill Motew on December 19, 2011

With winter right around the corner, holiday season upon us, and multiple feasts tempting us to steer off the clean eating path, it’s more important than ever to learn how to incorporate gluten free ancient grains in your daily diet. Especially if you are an athlete, weekend warrior or daily gym rat, learning how to incorporate these super grains into holiday recipes makes it that much easier to recover from large meals. Cooler weather, darker skies and a warm, cozy bed make it even harder to get up and burn calories. During this time, our body craves more home-style cooking versus summer’s cool fruits and vegetables. We crave hearty stews, freshly baked muffins, festive bread puddings and cookies and milk before bed. Gluten free ancient grains are excellent sources of nutrition and can be added into your favorite go-to recipes whether you are gluten free or not. It is important to base your daily diet on foods that can offer you natural sources of vitamins and minerals versus those highly processed foods that need to be “enriched”. The following gluten free ancient grains offer built in protein, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals that all have something to offer the fitness enthusiast.

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