• What and Who is Zema's?

    And where's the Madhouse?

Zema’s comes from the initials of my five kids (Zev, Emi, Max, Asher and Simon). The Madhouse, well, it’s my house 24/7 with all the family chaos! It’s also a “madhouse” out there shopping for clean, healthy foods, let alone clean, healthy gluten free foods. We all want convenient, instant health food gratification, but here at Zema’s our philosophy is about going “old school”. I developed my gluten-free, ancient grain based mixes and recipes from a health, fitness and ADHD perspective. After living a clean, gluten free life myself for many years, I decided to take matters into my own hands for my kids when they started to be diagnosed with ADHD. With no food allergies of any kind in my own family, I began to look at food as fuel and for my active family there’s no better way to feed them than with healthy ancient grains as part of a well-balanced daily diet. Clean ingredients, calories that matter. Those were the motivating factors. Stacks of pancakes free of gluten, white rice flour and refined sugar, warm muffins free of preservatives, shelf stabilizers and unhealthy fats and pizza crust full of superseed nutrition that even I will indulge on were key for fueling my five athletic driven kids. Thus, Zema’s was officially launched in June of 2010, first locally, then nationwide. No matter what your health, allergy or dietary issue is, or even if you don't have any, there's a Zema's that will work for you. What’s in your tank?

-Jill Motew, founder of Zema's Madhouse Foods, inc.


Zema's Mission

Zema's Madhouse Foods, inc. commits to manufacturing gluten-free, ancient grain baking mixes that support a clean eating lifestyle through the use of minimally processed ingredients that can safely be a part of diets that are limited, allergy-free and diabetic-friendly.

Zema's commits to being free of dairy, soy, rice, sesame, yeast, tree nuts, peanuts, sulfites, additives, trans fats, preservatives and refined sugar.

  • Madhouse Crew


Jill Motew

Jill is the President/creator of Zema's Madhouse Foods, inc., a manufacturer of gluten-free ancient grain baking mixes. Jill has over 25 years experience as a self-taught nutritional cook and baker, develops gluten free and dairy free recipes using her mixes and speaks to groups about the importance of using food as fuel for the whole family. She has 5 kids, 4 of whom have ADHD and are all athletic, which is why she fuels her kids with a gluten free and dairy free based diet, free of preservatives, additives, dyes and refined sugars. Her hobbies include spinning, weight lifting, yoga and eating. When not covered in flour, Jill organizes a Therapy Dogs International Chapter in Highland Park, IL, a pet-therapy group, focusing on visiting centers, camps and programs for disabled kids and young adults with her Leonberger Nellie, and her newly adopted mutt, Zeke, is currently learning the trade.

Favorite food: anything Mexican
Favorite hockey player: Dustin Byfuglin(ex-Chicago Blackhawks defensemen)
Favorite indulgence: dark chocolate and pedicures
Favorite vacation spot: Crab lake, WI(my oldest friend’s family cabin)


Aisha Steinbacher

Aisha Steinbacher is the assistant recipe developer at Zema's Madhouse Foods, inc.. Her love of baking and “playing” with recipes began early on, helping her mother make pie crusts. She realized then that she had a knack for baking, and the passion to pursue it as a career. She attended Johnson & Wales Culinary School in Rhode Island for 2 years, and went on to work in bakeries in the New England area before moving to Illinois. She met Jill through a hockey friend (of course) and from then on Aisha’s knowledge and understanding of a “cleaner”, gluten and dairy free way of eating and baking grew. Now she doesn’t have to feel so bad about indulging in her favorite Zema’s baked goods! When not knee deep in Zema’s recipes, Aisha can be found hanging with her 3 very active kids(2 boys and a princess). She enjoys going to the park with her children, reading (especially cooking magazines) and sweating it off at bootcamp.

Favorite food: Thai, Indonesian...and always PIZZA
Favorite author: Jostein Gaarder
Favorite outdoor activity: Gardening


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