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My family and I made pancakes with your pancake/waffle mix this past weekend and they are the best pancakes we’ve ever had, hands down! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a little over three years ago and have had more than my share of horrible, hockey puck, gluten free pancakes since then. I was so delighted by the light, fluffy, nutty texture of these pancakes. Not only that, my family, after trying these pancakes, said I should never make “regular” pancakes again! Thanks for the great product, we look forward to sampling more of your items!

-Julie G, Chicago


Being a professional athlete my body is my career. I spend countless hours training and skating to be in top condition. One of the hardest and most important things I can do as an athlete is to eat right. Zema's Madhouse Foods mixes not only allows me to put only the healthiest ingredients in my body, but in a extremely easy and delicious way. I am a huge fan of the breads and the pancakes to start of my morning before I train, and to be able to have a completely healthy pizza that tastes great is one of a kind. With Zema's mixes and recipes I am able to eat foods that I never thought I would be able to. I have made many sacrifices for hockey, but giving up great tasting food as well as eating the healthiest ingredients possible is not one of them.

-David Meckler, Professional hockey player for the Manchester Monachs (LA Kings AHL Affiliate)


Vanilla CoCoa-Teff pancakes with Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips = 1 house full of happy kids who won't crash later in the day. Thanks Jill!

-Wendy G., WI


Miles mixed a batch of cinnamon oatmeal flatbread and spread it in the pan all by himself tonight! He kept saying, "I want to eat dis!" and checked the oven over and over. For all of my gluten and dairy free peeps, check out Zema's Madhouse Foods! Super yummy.

-Randy C., IL


Just used a Zema's mix for the first time to make banana bread and was amazed how easy it was and how wonderful it turned out. My kids (who are not exactly healthy eaters) not only ate it but loved it! Thank you for offering easy to use baking mixes that I can feel good about giving to my family!

-Sandy R., IL


Try the zucchini bread using the Cocoa Loco Teff mix! Add some of Enjoy Life's chocolate chips, nuts (if not an allergen for you) and Agave nectar. Yummy!

-Sue M.


I made the best dessert last night with your product! I made the sweet flatbread with Big Tree Farms coconut palm sugar with ginger and topped it with Justin's Nut Butter hazelnut chocolate nut butter - people raved and it was GF!

-Ashley Koff Approved, CA


Jill, your mixes have totally been a blessing! My kids are thriving, and our fall sports season is just blooming. We're bringing "treats" to the first day of practice for football. (Over 300 players) will be benefiting!

-Wendy G., WI


Saturday night I made your rosemary millet pizza squares for my husband and son. They both wore the most skeptical expressions you can imagine as I was making the dough. Pretty soon they noticed how wonderful it smelled and by the time it came out of the oven finished, they were both standing there waiting to try it. Although they ...both agreed it was different than the pizza they are used to, they loved it!! Gobbled the whole thing up. I found that my portion (with nondairy cheese) was so much more filling than plain pizza is. All of those amazingly nutritious grains fill you up so much faster! I wound up with left overs that were equally delicious the next day. Thanks Jill.

-Rohanna Doylida, The Gluten Free Consultant, IL


The Rosemary-Millet Gluten free Flatbread is a huge hit in my house. I made some tonight from the baking mix after the healthy snack demo today. Hannah loved it so much she is bringing it tomorrow for lunch with pizza sauce and cheese. Zema's healthy pizza squares. YUM! Thanks.

-Sunny D., IL


I made blueberry vanilla cocoa teff muffins and Chocolate chip vanilla cocoa teff muffins. I have never used any of your mixes before- my kids DEVOURED them and they were upset that I didn't make more! You Rock! So easy and so healthy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Dina L., IL



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