Detoxify Into The New Year

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The New Year brings opportunity to set new goals, recalibrate and make better healthy living choices. Living a healthy lifestyle is a common resolution for many, especially after indulging over the past few weeks. Where should you start? The gym, the kitchen, getting more sleep or giving up a bad… Read more »

The Protein Bar Dilemma

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Walk into any grocery store an you will find a wall of protein bars.  Now, which ones are good for you, which ones are like a candy bar dressed in fitness packaging and which ones are just plain junk?  As consumers, we spend a lot of money on these bars… Read more »

The Savvy Sweet Potato

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Celebrate National Sweet Potato Month this February! Mother nature gifted us with this superfood tuber so let’s use it for all that it’s worth and all year around. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, versatile and delicious. They’re a complex carbohydrate, giving us more energy for longer amounts of time, help… Read more »