Healthy, Gluten-Free Lunch

What Healthy, Gluten-Free Goodness Do I Pack?

By Jill Motew, Founder, Zemas Madhouse Foods

I often get asked two main questions from consumers during in-store demos. The first, “What’s my kids favorite Zemas gluten-free baking mix and recipe?” Two, “What’s inside my kids gluten-free lunch boxes?” I decided to devote this blog to all the moms, dads and caregivers who are busily trying to pack up healthy, gluten-free lunches. I will give you the inside scoop on what’s in my pantry, my favorite go-to brands and how a healthy, gluten-free lunch void of refined sugars, gmo’s and processed foods is not only possible, but better for your child’s overall brain function.

The Madhouse Pantry

It’s taken me years to create a functional and healthy gluten-free pantry for my family. Due to the rise of several new artisan-inspired, gluten-free companies providing us with healthy options, health and wellness is now well within reach at the grocery stores. Grocery stores are using better labeling systems(ie. “gluten-free”, “non-gmo”, “locally made”) to make our shopping experience much easier. Make no mistake though, savvy marketing and logos can trick us into thinking that new box of organic crackers, chips or cookies are “healthy”, but remain steadfast in READING nutrition labels at all times. It’s your last line of defense at understanding what you are eating and where your dollars are being spent.

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