by Zemas Madhouse Foods
Jan 2015
Zemas Gluten-Free Sunbutter Cookie Dough Balls
Add them to ice cream or eat them solo, Zemas Sunbutter Cookie Dough balls are packed with ancient grains and superseeds so no guilt here.
  1. Zemas Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie mix
  2. 1/8 c. unsweetened applesauce
  3. 1/3 c. oil of choice (grapeseed, coconut, olive)
  4. ½ c. SunButter
  5. 1 t. pure vanilla extract
  6. 1 ½ c. chocolate chips (dairy-free or regular)
  1. In a bowl whisk together the applesauce, oil, SunButter and vanilla.
  2. Fold in Zemas mix.
  3. Once the dough comes together, take a heaping tablespoon of dough and roll into a ball.
  4. Line a Tupperware with wax paper and place the balls of cookie dough between the layers. Refrigerate the cookie dough balls for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, in a double boiler on medium heat, melt the chocolate chips.
  6. Remove the cookie dough bites from the refrigerator and using a fork to help, dip them in the melted chocolate.
  7. Place dipped dough bites onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and carefully return to the refrigerator to harden.
  8. Store the extra bites in the refrigerator for later.
  1. For cookie dough ice cream make very tiny balls from the cookie dough you made above. Put them in a Tupperware and freeze them(same as above). Thaw them out in the refrigerator before sprinkling them onto your favorite bowl of ice cream. If making homemade ice cream, mix in once the ice cream has formed.
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Zemas Madhouse Foods