Who and What is Zemas? And where is the Madhouse?

Zemas comes from the initials of my five kids (Zev, Emi, Max, Asher and Simon). The Madhouse, well, it’s my house 24/7 with all the family chaos! It’s also a “madhouse” out there shopping for clean, healthy foods, let alone clean, healthy gluten-free foods. We all want convenient, instant health food gratification, but here at Zemas our philosophy is about going “old school”. I developed my gluten-free, ancient grain based mixes and recipes from a health, fitness and ADHD perspective. I began to look at food as fuel and for my active family there’s no better way to feed them than with healthy ancient grains as part of a well-balanced daily diet. Clean ingredients, calories that matter. Those were the motivating factors. Stacks of pancakes free of gluten, white rice flour and refined sugar, warm muffins free of preservatives, shelf stabilizers and unhealthy fats and pizza crust full of superseed nutrition that even I will indulge on were key for fueling my five athletic driven kids. No matter what your health, allergy or dietary issue is, or even if you don’t have any, there’s a Zemas mix that will work for you. What’s in your tank?®


Founder of Zemas Madhouse Foods, Inc