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Go Wheatless, But Don’t Lose Your Mind by Tara Heath, LA based freelance health writer

Have you recently found out that you have an allergy to gluten? Perhaps you simply want to remove gluten from your diet because it may be causing you to gain unwanted weight and is producing other adverse effects. Transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle may sound easy at first, but in truth, it is much harder […]

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Sugar: More Than Just Empty Calories

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY… What do the following conditions have in common? -Fatigue -Depression -Anxiety -Difficulty concentrating -Hyperactivity -Memory problems -Brain fog -Mood swings -Fibromyalgia -Headaches -Joint pain -Osteoporosis -Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease -Metabolic syndrome (prediabetes) -Type II diabetes -Heart disease -Cancer -Alzheimer’s disease They’re all linked to sugar. But aren’t sweets ok […]