by Zemas Madhouse Foods
May 2017


Being a mom of five myself, I have come to accept that your kids may need a little hints and/or direction when it comes to planning Mother’s Day. Yes, breakfast in bed, a card with loving hearts and flowers are all lovely gifts, but this blog post is about stepping out of that box and focusing on mom’s health and wellness. Now, gifts are a bonus and not the focus by any means, but once in a while it’s that little extra creativity that may bring happy tears to mom.

Here’s my own personal top ten Mother’s Day gift options:

Facial– No mom will ever say no to a facial and with Spring in the air it’s the perfect time to deep cleanse pores and get her glow on. Try a photo facial rejuvenation or laser peel to remove sun damage. Mom will love it!

Detox Kit – Another great Spring idea for mom. Try a 10-day Metagenics   Detox Kit that incorporates food, supplements for liver support and shakes loaded with nutrients. It’s affordable, easy to follow and mom will feel amazing afterwards.

Aromatherapy Diffuser – Perfect for her bedroom or office. Throw in a few different oils for different effects (think calming, energy, focus). I roll with lavender for calm at night.









Health and Wellness consultation– this is a favorite choice of mine. Look for a local health coach, Doctor of Oriental Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor. The latter two can pull blood and your mom can get a deep, full blood work profile done seeing were her health’s strengths and deficiencies are.

Deep tissue massage or body scrub-Often found at day spas, this is a great gift. I prefer the scrubs, exfoliating dead skin while receiving a deep massage at same time.

Cookbook – This is not to suggest that mom is only good for cooking! But, there are just so many amazing health oriented cookbooks out now from bloggers that make cooking fun, easy and healthy. Try one from Dr. Andrew Weil who’s anti-inflammatory eating lifestyle is relevant in todays world of wellness.

Breakfast in bed– Of course I’m including this! How about our smoothie bowl recipe? Full of nutrient dense ingredients, fresh fruit and my Zemas gluten-free, ancient whole grain cookies on top! See recipe below.

Sanuk yoga mat flip flops – every mom needs a fresh pair of flip flops for the summer, perfect for her pedicures you may want to include! I love these because they are soft, cushiony and ease my lower back throughout the day. Fun colors too.

Red Flower Hammam Set Travel Kit – easily purchased on, this travel kit is perfect for the natural mom looking for high quality, clean skincare. I love the scrub and body cream and if you’re sensitive to harsh chemical smells, no worries here because their products are all natural.

Family hike – this costs nothing and could be my favorite gift especially when you have many kids moving in different directions everyday. Lake, rugged mountains, botanical gardens, it doesn’t matter.

Oatmeal Cranberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe