by Zemas Madhouse Foods
Sep 2015

As the season transitions, so too do our eating habits and cravings. Summer brings us fresh fruits like berries, peaches and plums and vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. Fall and winter brings us cravings of root vegetables and warming foods and meals. But, moving into fall doesn’t have to mean giving up those favorite summer flavors just yet. Here’s some healthy eating tips to make that transition easier, while keeping it clean, nutritious and delicious-as well as gluten-free.

frozen-berriesBy up berries at the farmers market late summer means lower prices and frozen stock. Freeze them for later use in holiday inspired berry muffins, waffles, crisps and pies. Folding frozen berries into batter is much easier than fresh ones and gives you those vitamins and antioxidants all year around. Lay parchment paper on a cookie sheet, lay the berries flat making sure they are not touching each other and freeze overnight. Once frozen, transfer to a plastic bag for storage. Here’s a delicious, healthy and gluten-free recipe using fresh frozen berries and Zemas ancient whole-grain Multigrain Pancake mix.

Be on the look out for fall apple season. We love using them in pies, crisps and sautéed for eating on top of pancakes and waffles. One of my favorite uses of fresh fall apples is to make homemade applesauce in my crockpot. Not only do my kids gobble it up hot out of the pot, but I always make double so I have leftovers to store and use as a vegan egg replacer in many recipes. One of my favorite fall, healthy, gluten-free fresh apple recipes is Zemas Apple Crisp. It’s the perfect dessert for Sunday dinners, Thanksgiving and I often serve it for Rosh Hoshana to bring in the new year with sweet apples.

Freshly harvested organic sweet potatoes spilling from a burlap bag onto a natural weathered wood table.Fall squash, sweet potatoes and yams are great egg replacers. You will start to see these root vegetables appearing at your local farmers market. Besides baking and whipping them into a healthy, complex carbohydrate side dish, you can boil them down and puree them to use as a vegan egg replacers. I prefer sweet potatoes, yams and pumpkin. We use them in our pancake and waffle batters, harvest muffins, pie fillings and in pumpkin pie smoothies! Our healthy, gluten-free Harvest Muffin made with ancient whole-grains and Peruvian Sweet Potato Flour is easy to make, freezable and perfect for a fall breakfast or mid-day snack. I love adding figs, dates and walnuts.

So, embrace the seasonal change and keep eating healthy! For more healthy, gluten-free recipes please visit our recipe page.