by Zemas Madhouse Foods
Mar 2016

Every year on Earth Day the world joins together to help make our planet a better place. Some plant a garden, pick up trash or try to monitor their waste. Eating healthy, minimally processed foods can really help the environment too. Our global food system can contribute to waste in a big way through production, consumption, and debris.

Celebrating Earth Day on April 22 is a wonderful way to bring your family together and educate your kids about the importance of going green and eating clean.

Shop Organic and Non-GMO

Illustration with a nature barcode and Earth day.Make healthy food choices that are good for both you and the environment. Foods that are non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) mean they are minimally processed and clean. The less food is processed, the less energy is required to make it, and the smaller environmental footprint food takes.

Our ancient whole grain, gluten-free baking mixes and new ready-to-eat cookies are made using natural ingredients that are non-GMO, minimally processed and nutritious. Our mixes and cookies are labeled with the trusted Non-GMO Project Verified so we guarantee that our ingredients are wholesome. Zemas uses only ancient whole grains, including teff, quinoa flakes, amaranth and millet, which provide a natural source of vitamins and minerals, and are easily digestible. Each box of cookies and baking mix also contains Zemas superseed trio (chia, hemp and flax meal) with built-in omega-3’s (healthy fats that fight inflammation), fiber, and protein for added nutrition.

Buying organic produce instead of conventional or eating grains like nutrient-rich quinoa instead of arsenic-containing rice are other options. The best organic produce often comes from local farms, for instance. Shopping local translates to a shorter time in transport and less fuel.

Go Vegan for the Week

food-scientist-in-fieldEarth Day is the perfect time to try a vegan diet: no milk, cheese, eggs, honey or gelatin. A vegan diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains, all which require fewer resources to produce than meat and dairy. Not only are you eating healthy, but you are protecting our water, forests, climate and planet as a whole. Try it for a day or a week!

Cooking vegan doesn’t have to be complicated; fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, healthy grains (choose ancient grains for the nutrients), an array of different spices, and nuts are all staples. Stock your fridge with plenty of vegetables and fruits, and have healthy oils on-hand in your pantry. Veganism is incredibly good for you and your body. All our mixes are labeled with the trusted Vegan certification.

Support Environmentally Responsible Packaging

The packaging of food has a huge impact on our environment. We are committed to “clean” products and this translates into its new packaging, which is made from recycled paper.

Use Less Energy for the Week

Try and see where you can eliminate the use of unnecessary energy. Leave your car in the garage for the week to cut down on energy and try walking or biking. Public transportation is also available in many cities, which helps reduce energy. If this is not an option, save up all your errands for one day and just use your car on one day. Check your schedule for the week and see where and when you can cut out driving.

Use less electricity and tap into green energy sources like wind or solar if they are available. Some ways to save electricity can include using natural light, changing your bulbs to LED, unplugging appliances, and turning off the lights when you are away from home.

Community Service

Joining a community service project on Earth Day is a great way to give back to our planet and meet new people in your community. Get your whole family involved in a project., such as cleaning up a local park, beach, or forest preserve. Check your local park districts or facilities for opportunities.

Separating recyclables from the trash is also something the whole family can do. Many communities have opportunities to help with this on a large scale. If nothing seems to be available, put together your own Earth Day project. Decide what YOU think is a great project and get family and friends together to help.

Consider these Earth Day tips to eat more conscientiously while acting more environmentally responsibly. YOU can make a difference!

To get your kids in the Earth Day spirit, let them “dig in the dirt” in your kitchen by making Zemas Gluten-Free Dirt Dessert Cups. Simon loves making a giant one with our new Zemas Gluten-Free Mini Double Chocolate Cookies!