Jill Motew is committed to using food as fuel for her whole family. A mom of five and self-taught nutritional cook and baker, she developed a line of gluten free baking mixes filled with good for you ingredients called Zemas Madhouse Foods. Zemas Mixes come in seven different flavors to bake up your favorite pancakes, pizzas, muffins and more. Jill’s hobbies include spinning, weight lifting, yoga and eating. On the side, Jill has established a Therapy Dogs International Chapter in Highland Park, IL, a pet-therapy group, focusing on visiting centers, camps and programs for disabled kids and young adults.

Favorite Food:    Anything Mexican
Favorite Hockey Player:    Dustin Byfuglin (ex-Chicago Blackhawks Defensemen)
Favorite Indulgence:    Dark Chocolate and Pedicures
Favorite Vacation Spot:    Crab Lake WI (my oldest friends cabin)


General Manager

I’m a creative person who has a passion for music, art and my business. My wife, Barbara, and daughter, Jori Rose, share hobbies which keeps us all connected. I believe that “Life is Not a Race but indeed a Journey” and try to enjoy the most of it.

Favorite Hobby:    Golf in the summer, Skiing in the winter
Favorite Vacation Spot:    Aruba
Favorite Activity:    Spending time with my family
Favorite Food:    Most ethnic cuisines


Marketing Manager

I am a newly single mom to two amazing young daughters who I want to teach to be fearless. The three of us love playing master chefs by creating healthy meals and treats and critiquing them, just like on the network shows. We also enjoy making crafts (never enough glitter, right?), camping, watching movies and just plain having fun. Occasionally they will even run with me. When I’m not with my kids, I’m probably running.

Favorite Food:    Egg White Veggie Omelets
Favorite Hobby:    Running; especially marathons and 200 mile relay races
Favorite Book:    Cookbooks
Favorite Vacation Spot:    Kauai, HI


Assistant Recipe Developer

Aisha’s love of baking and “playing” with recipes began early on, helping her mother make pie crusts. She attended Johnson & Wales Culinary School in Rhode Island for 2 years, and went on to work in bakeries in the New England area before moving to Illinois. She met Jill through a hockey friend(of course) and from then on Aisha’s knowledge and understanding of a “cleaner”, gluten and dairy free way of eating and baking grew. Now she doesn’t have to feel so bad about indulging in her favorite Zemas bakes goods! When not knee deep in Zemas recipes, Aisha can be found hanging with her 3 very active kids(2 boys and a princess). She enjoys going to the park with her children, reading (especially cooking magazines) , sweating it off at bootcamp and watching TV.

Favorite Food:    Thai, Indonesian, and PIZZA!
Favorite Author:    Jostein Gaarder
Favorite Outdoor Activity:    Gardening