Organic vs. GMO’s. Do You Know How and Where Your Food is Grown?

00000by Lyn Clark, Holistic Nutritionist, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Many people today have no idea what they are eating, how their food was made, or where it came from. This is an important question that each and every one of us should be asking ourselves. One of the questions I get asked by many of my clients during a consultation is, “What is the difference...

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Earth Day Tips for Going Green and Eating Clean

00000Every year on Earth Day the world joins together to help make our planet a better place.  Some plant a garden, pick up trash or try to monitor their waste.  Eating healthy, minimally processed foods can really help the environment too. Our global food system can contribute to waste in a big way through production, consumption, and debris. Celebrating Earth Day on April 22 is...

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Seasons Say It All!

00000FUELING ON FALL FOODS BY DR. DENA MENDES Back in the very old days our great grandparents ate from what was available in their environment. Today we are lucky we get food from all over the world and our brilliant scientists have figured out a way to make food available to us in the winter that is befitting for the summer. Are we really that...

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