Zemas’ products are rice-free and proud of it. Zemas’ ancient whole grains are “good” complex carbohydrates giving you longer lasting energy resources throughout the day. I don’t use rice flours because it’s a “bad” complex carbohydrate that is higher on the glycemic index, which increases your blood sugar levels over a short burst of time. When your blood sugar level rises, so too, does your insulin level. Rice flour also does not contain nearly as many nutrients and micronutrients as our gluten-free ancient whole grains, it lends a grainy and crumbly texture to baked products and all varieties of rice contain levels of arsenic.

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Whoopie Pie Pancakes

Say Whoopee for Zemas ancient grain,
gluten-free Whoopie Pies!

Giant Heart Cookies

Show your love with Zemas healthy
and delicious Heart Cookie.


Carrot Cake Pancakes

Packed with carrots, sweet potato,
and a superseed trio.